Nearly a Decade of Leadership & Creative Contributions to the Lowcountry

Kimberly Denise Bowman, an experienced creative and cultural enthusiast, and Charleston native is a lifelong advocate and champion for small business advancement, connecting members of the community through various activities, and youth rights & empowerment. She brings an unwavering sense of passion, and deliberate creativity to her leadership roles with Exquisite Enterprises Inc. and Exquisite Kids, equating to a combined 10 + years of community outreach and service, and entrepreneurship experience. She believes in living a life of your own design, as evidenced by her transition from a career in customer service, to running multiple small businesses in the Tri-County area, and consistently inserting herself into collaborative spaces to provide opportunities to underserved groups, communities, and professionals.

Kimberly's personal vision and purpose fueled her decision to leave the comfort of a full-time job, to fully invest her time and energy into launching her businesses and pursuing her passions wholeheartedly. She hopes to continue leading the professional and creative communities of the Lowcountry into more spaces that increase access to resources and opportunities, and a regional expansion of both Exquisite Enterprises Inc. and Exquisite Kids to continue her work and legacy.

Frequent Community Partner & Collaborator

Youth Mentor & Advocate

Motivational Speaker

Respected Public Figure & Professional

Educational Background

I've always excelled academically! I struggled a lot with self-esteem & self-confidence issues, so school & academics was an opportunity for me to shine and focus on things that made me curious. In both Elementary & Middle School, I graduated at the top of my class.

Burke High School

Graduated in June 2010

I graduated valedictorian from Burke High School in Charleston, South Carolina, with over a 4.6 GPA & over $700,000 in scholarship offers from colleges & universities around the country.

Susquehanna University

Graduated in December 2012

I received a full scholarship from Susquehanna University in Selinsgrove, PA, and started in August of 2010. Once again, my academic strength and ambition shined bright there as well, leading me to graduate a year and a half early with my Bachelor's of Arts degree in Communications.

Self Taught Professional

One of the things I'm most proud of is that my experiences have allowed me the chance to learn without barriers or limitations. My areas of expertise may not have been my exact path of study in school, but my commitment to be successful in them has pushed me to intentionally seek out opportunities to challenge me and teach me in ways that traditional education couldn't.

Areas of Passion

My life has allowed me the pleasure of learning a number of things and becoming very good at them to the point that I'm able to help others. Below are some of the areas I'm most passionate about.

Small Business Support

Through my brand, I am able to be for other entrepreneurs, what I wish I had more guidance. Guidance on decision making, developing their business, and how to seek balance are so essential to a new business owner. It's a real driving force of influence.

Branding & Marketing

I never knew anything about branding and marketing before starting a business. I don't have a formal education, but my experiences encouraged me to learn more and help others. The biggest mistake we make is assuming they are interchangeable when they really go hand in hand in a unique way.

Self Esteem & Self Confidence

It was recognizing my own lack of both of them that influenced me to learn more. After working through my own troubles with these issues, I saw how much people are affected by them on a daily basis.


Writing is how all of this got started! I used writing as an outlet for me when I was younger and trying to figure out who I was and what I was. It's always allowed me to express myself comfortably.